Ok, let’s keep this simple. There’s no point in adding to the jargon and legalease that’s already out there. So in summary:

  1. Your information
    Is never shared with third parties. No selling to marketing databases or any of that nonsense.
  2. Cookies
    This website has Google Analytics, Optimizely and Hotjar enabled. Partly because they’re tools used for clients, so it’s a way to test them. Equally important, they’re there to give you the best possible experience. Feel free to block Google analytics via https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout and opt out of Hotjar via https://www.hotjar.com/opt-out.
  3. Content on this site
    Everything is kept as up-to-date as possible. However, there’s no guarantee everything is always 100% correct. So please consider everything here as opinion, rather than definitive fact. With no responsibility or liability attached.
  4. Server
    This website uses Tsohost; their main data centre is in Slough.
  5. Your data
    when you submit an enquiry via the contact form, your email address is stored so you can get a reply. Otherwise, there’s no data stored about you.