About the client

These guys have launched Discuto – an online platform that enables huge groups to work together on documents.

It’s different to Google Docs, because it allows your group to vote for or against paragraphs within the document.

What they wanted

A specialist in online platforms and digital strategy to:

  • write the website copy, landing pages and appstore descriptions
  • test for UX
  • deliver a user engagement programme, involving emails to users, invitations to discussions, asking for feedback
  • create a user guide
  • write a landing page and invitations to join the network

The process

I mapped out user journeys, working out how they would interact with the platform. This encompassed content strategy, because it was a startup, so we needed to publicise it while making the audience aware it was in beta.

I tested on different devices (a real-time collaboration tool is no good if it doesn’t work on mobile!), working with designers to ensure accessibility and usability.

I went on other popular discussion forums such as Quora and Reddit to see what worked for their users, and to see what Discuto could learn and apply.

Then I was ready to write. The copy needed to show how users would benefit, and why they should choose Discuto instead of competitors including Google Docs.

Discuto offers a feature for voting on individual paragraphs, so I positioned it as a tool for gaining consensus among large groups, alongside highlighting its real-time collaboration and discussion features.

The result

Discuto launched, and is now approaching 10,000 users, ranging from students, to academics, to people needing to choose a name for a football team.

Client verdict

“Steve is an excellent collaborator. Always a pleasure to work with Steve!”
Hannes Leo, Co-Founder