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About the client

A startup from New Zealand. With a very cool app idea – images, photography and art sent to users’ phones. Created and published by artists and institutions around the world.

What they wanted

They wanted to grow their user base of users and artists. So needed copy and a website layout that would work for both audiences. The existing copy also meant that people thought Excio was mainly a wallpaper app. Whereas it was actually a community of art creators and art consumers. The work involved redefining their value proposition, changing the existing copy, and changing the website structure.

What I did

  • Highlighted the artistic and cultural benefits of the app, showing how users could have a ‘window to the world’ to galleries and museums.
  • For those who wanted to upload images, the copy focused on the potential to reach new audiences and increase visitors to their own websites.
  • Changed menu copy and call to action buttons. This was to funnel each audience and create copy for each audience.

Client verdict

After working with Steve on our copy for the website and app description we realised that what we had before was very very vague description of our product and services that was written from the perspective of our product’s benefits rather than users’ benefits. Steve did a great work and re-wrote the whole thing making the message much clearer, shorter and to the point.
Ana Lyubich, Co-Founder & CEO

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