Conversion Rate Optimisation applied to an online platform


Launching an online platform is like building a city.

Let’s say you have the idea. That makes you the mayor. You’ve got the vision, you can visualise the type of city you want to create, you know who you want to attract.

You need infrastructure (the website). You need inhabitants (the users). You need traffic lights, roundabouts and clearly marked signs (to guide people and keep things flowing smoothly). You need emergency services (for peace of mind and security).

And me? It’s my job to get your target audience from A to B. And then to C. What’s C?


Maybe that means making a sale, generating an enquiry, or registering a user. Or it means all of those. Now we’re talking about funnels. That’s where you look at where people enter your website, and “funnel” (guide) them towards conversion. And that’s where I use tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar and Optimizely.

people at busy train station

These tools enable website testing. Trying different versions of a page to see which converts better. Looking at how users interact with your website. Reviewing your funnels, to see where your website is losing visitors (and money!). This takes time (I usually run A/B tests for a minimum of 2 weeks, although this depends on how much traffic you get). But it means you can make strategic decisions based on data, not your instinct.

OK, so conversion rate optimisation… what else?

Building a conversion-focused online platform requires a 3-in-1 approach:

A copywriter

Of course, you can’t get far without words for your website. But how about emails to your users?

Auto-responders: thanks for signing up, here’s how it works, please give us feedback.

Invitation emails to your target audience. Join us, here’s why, see what’s in it for you.

Help and support: here’s a tutorial, here’s how to find out more, send us your feedback.

An analyst

You know that Fatboy Slim song: “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat”?. The online platform version of  that goes something like: “Test, optimise, improve, repeat”. It’s a long-term process.

Work with me and you get advanced Google Analytics reports to show how people interact with your platform.

A user

The best copywriting results from getting inside the heads of prospects. And here’s the thing: It’s the same with user testing.

You need someone who can test your platform, as if they’re a typical user. Who better than a copywriter, who has experience in usability, understands web best practice, and thinks strategically?

man standing on top of tall building

Platform projects I’ve worked on


What: Online discussion platform

My role: Copy, testing, UX, strategist (here’s the case study)

Result: Successful launch

Client verdict: “”Steve is an excellent collaborator. Always a pleasure to work with Steve!”


What: Interior design platform

My role: Copy, UX

Result: Successful launch

Client verdict: “Steve delivers great quality with a quick turnaround.”


What: Room/apartment booking (Airbnb rival)

My role: Copy, UX

Result: Successful launch

Client verdict: “Steve did a job better than I expected! Will hire again for future projects.”

Linguist Connect

What: Recruitment platform

My role: Copy

Result: Successful launch

Client verdict: “Responsive, delivered on time and excellent quality but also knowledgeable, helpful and goes an extra mile – will keep in mind for future projects and have already recommended Steve to my colleagues.”

Ready to start building your conversion-focused city? If you have any questions about online platforms, contact me or leave a comment below.