Proof reading and editing

Did you know 59% of people would avoid doing business with a company that made grammatical errors in its communications?

You might have the best idea, app or solution in your sector. But if you don’t have the best grammar, spelling, punctuation, you’re going to struggle to get your message across.

Instead of absorbing what you’ve got to say, a prospect is going to be thinking, “If you can’t get your own content 100% correct, how can I trust you?” Talking of which…

…why should you trust me?

As of Sep 2014, I am number 1 out of 42,076 freelancers on oDesk (check out my profile), for spelling.

And I’m in the top 10% for proofreading UK English.

I’m also a specialist in writing for online audiences. So I specialise in proofreading for online audiences. That means looking at your headings, to make sure the “power words” are arranged in a way that will grab online readers.

What do I mean by that? Let’s take one of the most famous headlines ever, for De Beers Diamonds:

One of the reasons this ad was so successful was how the ad is structured.

“HEY” gets its own line, because it grabs your attention.

“WHAT DO YOU KNOW” is on one line, because it’s preparing you for the big message…

…”SHE THINKS” (because men want to know what women think).

“YOU’RE” reinforces the feeling that the ad is talking directly to you.

And “FUNNY AGAIN” is the perfect end to the story. A version of ”and they lived happily ever after”.

If the ad had been arranged like:


It wouldn’t have been anywhere near as successful. It becomes less clear, less effective, less powerful.

And proofreading copy for clarity, effectiveness, and power, is part of the service I offer.

I also proofread in terms of SEO, making sure your headings and body copy are formatted correctly.

Do you need a proofreader or a copy editor?

Sometimes I get clients asking me to proofread work, and when I look at the document, I see there’s a lot more to be done.

Things like rewriting and rearranging sentences, reviewing and revising the style, altering and adapting the message.

This is copy editing. And it takes more time.

If you send me your work, I’ll go through it and let you know whether I think it needs proofreading or copy editing. Then you can decide whether to go ahead or not.

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