Conversion copywriting and website optimisation for
businesses that want to grow fast

Hi, I’m Steve, and I run Steve Alphabet. That’s me in the photo, hanging around by someone’s wall.

If you’re reading this, I guess you’re running a business. Probably tech-related. Definitely focused on growing your business.

You’re expected to be a jack of all trades/jill of all skills. Among the day-to-day stuff, you need to find time to get more users, get funding or deliver a campaign. So unless you’re a writer, you probably don’t want to spend ages writing copy – especially when you’re not sure your words are the right words.

“I was extremely happy with the copywriting and branding Steve did for our website. Would definitely recommend!”
Des Brady, Managing PartnerThis is Bobcat

Of course, nobody knows your business better than you. But you might be too close to your business for you to write in a way that persuades others. Maybe you don’t have time to find out which website pages need a rewrite because they’re making visitors leave. Perhaps you just want to be free to focus on what you want to do, rather than worrying about writing your next landing page.

That’s where I come in.

Features tell, benefits sell

I’ve seen lots of great startups and businesses struggle to grow, because what they were doing online wasn’t hitting the spot. Sometimes the copy was loaded full of features (what it does) but was light on benefits (what it does for the customer). Other times it was down to the website itself, a confusing layout, no clear call to action, or lapel-grabbing reason to sign up.

Here’s the thing: your copy is your sales executive. And your website or landing page is the showroom.

You can have the best sales pro in the world, but if they’re doing business out of a tattered-looking shop, with holes in the carpet and signs that point customers in the wrong direction, you might as well play tennis with your eyes closed. Every so often you’ll hit the ball, but the rest of the time you’re just swinging in different directions, hoping for the best.

That’s why I offer both:

  • Copywriting
    Words working 24/7 for you. Understanding your customers’ needs, and creating copy that speaks directly to those needs.
  • Conversion optimisation
    Finding where your website is leaking visitors. Fixing the holes with words, analytics, A/B tests, user testing. (I’m one of the few optimisers to be ConversionXL-certified)

You might not need both, but they’re there if you need them. And if you’re not sure, just drop me a line and I’ll gladly answer any questions.

Specialist areas include:

  • websites
  • app descriptions
  • landing pages
  • UX copy for platforms
  • email onboarding

“The clickthrough rates are above industry standard. An excellent copywriter and a valuable asset to our team!” 

Owen Morgan, DirectorIcebreaker

One thing though…

These services aren’t for everyone.

I only work with people who want to grow their business and get on in the world. Seriously. I have this vision of being in my nineties, in the retirement home, having my bits washed, probably by a robot. There I am, wobbling on my commode, and I’m thinking, ‘Why did I spend parts of my life working on projects where 80% was good enough?’. No thanks. It’s 100% or nothing.

What’s more, I have a family to support. I know the only way to do that properly is by doing great work, and getting results for my clients. I didn’t go to university, I had to go out and start earning straight from school, so that’s part of what shaped my approach to work.

Sure, the early years were tough. I still occasionally wake up in a cold sweat, dreaming that I have to churning out 10 keyword-stuffed blogs by the end of that day. Expanding into SEO copywriting was great, but getting ripped off by disappearing clients? Not so much. It was a steep learning curve for sure, but one that meant I learnt what works, how best to support clients, and how to avoid timewasters.

By 2012 the ‘Silicon Roundabout’ thing was in full swing, and I was working with lots of cool companies. Writing website copy, landing pages, emails, brochures, app descriptions, tutorials, blogs. Getting signups, beta testers, users for new platforms. Working directly with owners, agencies, sole traders like me. And that pretty much covers what I do now.

“Steve’s advice on ranking high on search engines is gold dust.”
Rafi Akbar, Founder and CEO | Luckywebs

“What are your rates?”

Have you ever been in a taxi, stuck in traffic, watching the meter creep up, wondering how much your fare’s going to be at the end of the journey?

That’s no way to do business. So everything is charged on a per-project basis. That way you know exactly how much everything will be, right from the start.

For copywriting it’s 50% upfront, 50% on completion. For conversion optimisation take your pick from one-off setups, or monthly retainers.

How about you? If you’ve taken the time to read this far, first, thank you. Second, feel free to take just a few seconds more to outline what you need. You’ll get an answer within 24 hours (usually much quicker than that).

Steve Alphabet